Since 1981, ICETRO has been a global leader in the commercial food service equipment manufacturer and provided Ice machines, Dispensers, Soft Serve Ice cream machines, & Slush machines

We aim to continue as the leading provider of high-quality food service equipment through continuous improvements in SIMPLICITY of design, product RELIABILITYLONGEVITY, and superior PERFORMANCE.

* Please note that products price will be increased effective 09/01/2021 

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Ice machines:  Jack Smithart (jack.s@icetroamerica.com)
                        714-215-4864 x 6 (cell 530-263-3897)
                        Bill Myers (icetroService@gmail.com)
                        714-901-1441 (cell 714-720-4266)

Slush & Soft serve machines: icetro@icetroamerica.com
                                                714-215-4864 x 5