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A brand that stands for Quality and Value


ICETRO has embodied the name of Maestro as a powerful symbol of greatness because of the love received by many people and the company has incorporated such symbolic meaning to provide long lasting happiness to people around the world. ICETRO’s brand identity signifies the company’s technological capabilities and continues as the leading provider of a refrigeration technology company in the world. Nevertheless, we strive to become an innovative company that is solely devoted to creating a new refrigeration technology.

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For 40 years, ICETRO has accumulated "Know-How" experience in the refrigeration technology and strategically positioned itself as a leading provider of frozen food equipment company in South Korea. The word "MAESTRO" symbolizes a distinguished conductor of an orchestra who creates a beautiful harmony between music and the audience. Our business philosophy of ICETRO is to deliver the pride of a Maestro and the spirit of a master, who value tradition and reputation, to its customers.

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This eccentric image of a polar bear bending downward and gazing forward between its legs expresses the outside the box thinking which differentiates the ICETRO company’s technological innovation and continuous development in the competitive global market. This unique brand logo which implies different innovative thinking & approach allows the ICETRO company to maintain as a leading provider of high-quality frozen food equipment company in the industry. 

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