With more than 1,000,000 units sold over 80 countries worldwide, ICETRO ice machines have proven to be one of the most reliable products that provide Best Value & Quality.


These uniquely constructed stainless steel ice cube machines are the ideal choice for 70 ~ 220 lbs ice production. ICETRO ice cube machines are designed for a compact space and can fit underneath counters.

Powerful production capacity,

Modular type Flake (736 lbs) and Nugget (708 lbs) machines

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ICETRO modular ice machines which is MAESTRO series provide the ultimate versatility & quality. By selecting the ice storage bin and head unit separately, customers can build their own ice machine and available in 22" & 30" equipment size.


Floor type Snow Flake machine,

Refrigerant high capacity Hopper & Storage, 705lbs ~ 1,095lbs of High production capacity (24H)

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ICETRO ice storage bins are built with antibacterial ABS material for better sanitation and longevity, easy lift up door opener with automatic door stopper to prevent from an unwanted hand injury, simple ice removal, and reduced spillage. 

Counter Top Nugget Ice and

Water Dispensers,

Self-contained ice storage bins (11lbs ~ 30lbs)



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